Mad May Idea 2012

The idea behind this month of madness is to try and encourage people to  take regular exercise in their life.

As you may or may not know I’m competing in the Ironman 70.3 UK (1900m swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1mile run) on one of the hardest courses in the world, Also I’m competing in the London to Brighton run (56 mile run)

I do this to raise awareness for this website

So as you can see I try hard to live an active life and try to encourage people to do something active a couple of times a week.

What I plan to do during this month is to run 10k everyday for the whole month, but on Sundays rather than run 10k I will run 20k all with a 20lb backpack and if I can fit in other training I will.

I hope some of you will try and find the time to get outside and get active

I will be using a app called runmeter, so I will posted a map link for all my runs under all of the relevant days, this is just so YOU know i’m sticking to it.

All the best and I hope you all have Fun getting active.

Tuesday 1st Activity : run Distance:  10:41k Route:  Click here Wednesday 2nd Activity: run Distance:  13:09k Route: Click here Thursday  3rd Activity: run Distance:  10:28k Route: Click here Friday 4th Activity: run Distance: 10.39 km Route: Click here Saturday 5th Activity: run Distance:  10:15 km Route: Click here Sunday 6th Activity: cycle Distance: 122.84 km Route: Click here Activity: run Distance: 20.11 km Route: Click here Monday 7th Activity: run Distance: 10.13 km Route: Click here Tuesday 8th Activity: run Distance: 10.38k Route: Click here Wednesday 9th Activity: run Distance: 12.02 Route: Click here Thursday 10th Activity: run Distance: 10.08 Route: Click here Friday 11th Activity: run Distance: 10.11 Route: Click here Saturday 12th Activity: run Distance: 10.05 Route: Click here Sunday 13th Activity: Run Distance: 22.37k Route: Click here Monday 14th Activity: run Distance: 10.04 Route: Click here Tuesday 15th Activity: run Distance: 10.02 Route: Click here Wednesday 16th Activity: run Distance: 10.85 Route: Click here Thursday 17th Activity: run Distance: 10.67 Route: Click here Friday 18th Activity: run Distance: 13.17k Route: Click here Saturday 19th Activity: run Distance: 10.27k Route: Click here Sunday 20th Activity: cycle Distance: 85.63k Route: Click here Activity: Run Distance: 20.20k Route: Click here Monday 21st Activity: run Distance: 10.20k Route: Click here Tuesday 22nd Activity: run Distance: 10.34 Route: Click here Wednesday 23rd Activity: cycle Distance: 77.98k Route: Click here Activity: run Distance: 10.02k Route: Click here Thursday 24th Activity: run Distance: 10.24k Route: Click here Friday 25th Activity: run Distance: 11.57k Route: Click here Saturday 26th Activity: run Distance: 10.04k Route: Click here Sunday 27th Activity: run Distance: 22.34k Route: Click here Monday 28th Activity: run Distance: 10.02k Route: Click here Tuesday 29th Activity: run Distance: 10.10k Route: Click here Wednesday 30th Activity: run Distance: 10.01k Route: Click here Thursday 31st Activity: run Distance: 10.81k Route: Click here


Well the total distance covered was

370.48km or 230.20 miles of running

& 208.47km or 129.53 miles of cycling

A shout out to Chris Wolstenholme who took part in this by running or cycling everyday….WELL DONE CHRIS !!!

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