London Marathon 2012

Well what can I say, This was probably one of the best days of my life.

The support crowds and all of the fellow runners was just fantastic.

As you can see by the image below I ran in a morph suit.

It was a challenge to say the least, as a few months before I had hand foot & mouth and  only a few days after recovering from that I broke my fifth metacarpal ( bottom of little finger).

So my training for the race had taken a bit of a knock, luckily I had been doing a lot of run training over the winter.(winter miles summer smile)

So two weeks before the race I headed to Blade Printing Services in Reading to get my Morph suit logoed up.

It arrived all ready to go a few days before the race.

I must say I was SO happy with how it looked.

So come race day.

Up at 5:30am for breakfast and headed to Greenwich Park for the pre race point.

The weather was perfect and I was ready to rock.

The race overall went really well and there was so much support on the course with people shouting ” GO ON BYB”

At points in the course there were a bands playing or a music system then I would start dancing with the crowd and joking with them.

I also had a few water fights with the volunteers  at the water stations so I got very wet which helped as I was quite hot in what I was wearing.

I had to take off the head section of the suit and wring it out when it got wet as I couldn’t see out of it properly.

All in all It was an event I would love to do again.

Time 0:4:18:25