I thought I would write a bit about motivation, before, during and after illness.

Well as you know I had stage IV testicular cancer in 2004.

When I first was hospitalised In November of that year I was told the chances of me surviving this were very very slim indeed, In fact I was told that I would die.

Now, Being told that is a bit hard to handle, But there are two ways of dealing with it. Either, You can breakdown and cry and think nothing will change and give up all hope, Or you can be positive and fight it head on.

I did the latter.

The same can be said if this is happening to someone in your family or a friend. You really have to be strong for them and for all around you.

Even if the illness is terminal, isn’t it better that the time they have left is not an unhappy time, I know, I know it’s hard, but trust me it really is better for everyone that you try and stay as positive as possible.

As I said my original diagnosis was very low, but when I got transferred to the main hospital where I was treated, Within two weeks my survival rate rose to 60/40 which is a lot more easy to handle.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s not good to take the first piece of bad news and think nothing will change. I was really really positive throughout my treatment and I was helped a great deal by the people around me being strong and staying positive.

I must share one part of my time in hospital that I remember the most. Within about one week of me being in the hospital where I was treated, I was taken from the ward to have a brain scan, Which I was a bit nervous about, As it is a pretty major scan to have. After I came back to the ward I was a bit drowsy and my Dad was there with my Mum and I looked at them and said..”Well…what happened…? ”…”Do you know the result…?” My Dad looked at me and said…”They found it Tom”, ”….Found what.?, ”…..Cancer ?”,  No…Your brain”.. Now my Dad is a very positive man and that just me laugh with relief of how he made light of that situation.

After the treatment that has happened it is important to stay upbeat, In some cases the treatment might not have gone as well as one had hoped for, So I think it is more important in this situation to try and stay strong and support those around you. It really helps to have someone that can deal with what has happened and to keep a level head and stay focused on what needs to be done at a time like this I hope the post has helped in some way in getting you through whatever situation you are dealing with