Royal Windsor Swim

Stayed at my parents house the night before the swim so it was good to catch up and have a nice dinner dad loves cooking for my vegan diet….NOT…(joking)

Got up very up (4:30am) as I was going to cycle from Twickenham to the swim and back, round trip of 70k (got a bit lost on the way back).

The swim was a good opportunity to see where I’m at with my swim times…there were three distances that you could enter 950m, 1.9k or 3.8k.

I opted for the 1.9k as that is the distance of the swim next weekend in the Ironman 70.3 UK.

I arrived with about 10 mins to spare to the start of the race (cutting it a bit too fine) just enough time to get changed and warm up my arms.

The water was really cold but got better in about 2-3 mins.

I remembered that in many swims that I have done the trick that works for me is to not go of to fast as it’s open water you have no side to push off, so it’s non stop.

I just went at a good steady pace and lots of the other swimmers went of quick, but at around 750m in I started to overtake a few swimmers and that continued for the remainder of the swim.

The swim is in the river Thames at Windsor by Alexandra Gardens which is a lovely stretch of water.

The first half or more of the swim was against the currant and the rest with it.

I Was really happy with my performance and  feel good for the Ironman 70.3 UK next Sunday.

unofficial time: 46:44

I managed to cover my bike with the BYB bike cover very kindly printed for me by Blade Printing, I hope it got a few looks.