Winter 100

Date: August 2014

Location:: 100 miles

Assent: Total climb of  ?????? feet

Navigation: Fully marked course by organisers and Ridgeway and Thame Path signs

Time Limit: 30hrs

This was the final race in the Centurion Grand Slam, this means completing each of the following100 miler within their time limits (28-30hrs) (Thames Path 100, SDW 100, NDW 100 & Winter 100)

This race was a little different from the others in that you came back to it was was and out and back course where you came back to the same base after each 25 mile spurt, which means you only needed one drop bag. I found this style of racing so much more different than a point to point race where you have to get from A to B and have your drop bags at different points along the course, putting in there what you think you may need at that point of the race. The drop out temptation I feel is harder in this kind of  race as you can choose to drop whenever you come into the main base, where as in a point to point trace you have to stay at the aid station until you get a lift back to the finish..

Well the morning of the race was pretty standard as It was my homemade power muesli with coconut milk and soya milk mixed up (can’t tell you the recipe though)..

The YHA I was staying in was very close to the start and I only had to walk over the Bridge to get there, once there you have all of you kit checked and there is a chance to catch up with fellow runner…they are all such a positive bunch of people.

So James of Centurion give us a  race briefing and after we all head down to the start..

The race as always for me get going about 8 miles in when my breakfast has settled down…I seem to take it really easy at the beginning as you have to keep reminding yourself…it is a pretty long way…The course as I mentioned earlier is 4 x 25 mile sections, the section are split between the Thames path and the Ridgeway national trails all coming back to the base at Goring which is stunning village, so i was going a a nice steady as i have not done much or recceing of the course apart from the Thames path sections which I covered in the TP100 earlier in the year..

The Thames path is pretty much flat with some part rolling that can catch you out if you unaware there coming up.and the Ridgeway completely different in that its very rolling and all in trail which all is all added a bit of variety to the whole event.

The unique thing about this race is that get to see the race leaders and all the people who are ahead of you and that give you a much better understanding of where you are i the race and also gives you motivations to catch them..

As with most of my races, I seem to really get going after the 50 mile point and start doing pretty good min miles

Throughout the race my nutrition was pretty spot on, I had made some homemade burritos and had test them in training as to not shock my system on race day and they worked a treat, they are a little on the heavy side to carry but they really fill you for a decent amount of time.

My feet during the race where not an issue at all and that is such a relief  as you don’t really have to think about them, which give you the option to let your mind wander, which happens quite a lot when I run, I really get lost in the moment. I love the fact the during runs you completely lose yourself and forget all of life’s worries is really nice.

Overall I was very happy with the race and very happy to have completed the Centurion Grand Slam in 14th place out of 41 people that started.




Runner: 202

placing: 50

Drops: 57

Time : 24:50:56