London Triathlon

Got up: 8am

Breakfast: 8:30am risotto with mushrooms and spinach. At around 12pm I had 200g of apricot muesli with soya milk & a banana.

Location: Docklands, east London

Water – perfect, Bike – tarmac, little undulating, Run – tarmac,

Weather: hot and humid (73F)


Swim: started well in the front group of fast swimmers but as per usual in the London tri there are lot of people competing for the first time, so there were people cutting you up,hitting you punching you generally not looking where they were going,could have done a better swim time but that’s racing

T1: perfect

Bike: Was a lot quicker than I thought, different route from what I have done the last two years, all the same very happy with my time.

T2: Perfect

Run: Very solid run but also very hot, just the right amount of water stations, plus there was a kind of shower spraying us with cold water….BLISS.

Distances: swim – 1500m – bike 40k – run 10k


Swim: 32:00

T1: 3:04

Bike: 1:02:28

T2: 2:01

Run: 47:48

Total: 2:27:22


AGE GROUP: 123 out of 545