The South Hammer Sportive (forfeited due to injury)

Oh well this last five weeks haven’t gone according to plan what with me missing the first event due to hand foot and mouth and now having to miss this one due to me breaking my fifth metacarpal (bottom on little finger).

Also the main reason of competing is to spread the word of the testicular cancer awareness though wearing the BYB logo.

Well what can you do when injury happens, not much just do the very best you can by keeping your self active without putting too much pressure on the certain area in pain.

This is some pics with the injury, I did it while running home after work one night and caught my feet up in a metal hoop and went thump on the pavement.

The finger feels a better than it did just not ready to put pressure on it.

I’m  100% that I will be ready for my next event the London Marathon.