BYB shop to launch this month

Hi there. I’m please to announce that within the next month you will be able to buy the T-Shirts ,Hoodies and water bottles direct from this site. I will keep you informed of the launch date. Just to make you aware that I will be making no money from this, the money for the items will go directly to pay for the cost of the T-shirts,Hoodies or water bottles and the printing. have very kindly offered to do all of the printing at COST price. If any supplier out there would be willing to donate some plain black T-shirts, hoodies or drinking bottles that would be great,then there would only be a cost for postage and printing then any profit will be donated to Cancer Research UK via my site link, CLICK HERE . This would not only publicise my site with all its information about testicular cancer, but would also raise money to help fight the disease.