Cambridge Duathlon

Got up: 3am
Breakfast: 3 flapjacks,3 bananas,500ml red grape juice,500ml water
Location: Bottisham and the surrounding area
Conditions: Run tarmac to start with for the first 5.5k then on to grass for about 1.5k, the rest on tarmac again,Bike – tarmac, reasonably flat a few little hills though
Weather: perfect day,nice and warm and sunny,virtually no wind at all.
First run: started steady as always,around 5k started to overtake people from the waves before mine,as always got motivation from that and the speed increased.
T1: not so good,all was going well apart from not being able to get my feet into my shoes properly while on the bike.
Bike: felt good throughout, no probs
T2: Perfect.
Second run: Good,nice and steady,overtook around 10 people on this section.
What did I learn: I need to work on my first run, (speed work) saying that,that was my last duathlon until September,apart from that,maybe a little more cycle training.

Distances: 1st run 7.5k – bike 40k – 2nd run 7.5k


1st run: 32:42

T1: 00:52

Bike: 1:16:39

T2: 00:59

2nd run: 36:18

Total: 2:27:26

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