Oulton Park Duathlon

Got up:6:45 Breakfast:6:50 Blended muesli with blueberries,coconut milk,coco nibs,agave syrup and water. Location:Oulton Park circuit. Conditions: Run – tarmac undulating. Bike – tarmac, undulating with some tough little hills. Weather: started really sunny,then raining,windy then sunny again. Race: First run;Started off ok but then got overtaken by a few people ( that didn’t help things) T1: Perfect. Bike: (10 Lap course ) first few laps were quite hard but started getting into it after the 4 one, think I lost count of the laps though. ( I always do) T2: Perfect. Second run: Very steady. What did I learn: Well for me the best part of the race was the second run, but overall not great,putting it down to a mad few weeks at work so training lacked. BRING ON THE CAMBRIDGE DUATHLON

Distances: 1st run 8.6k – bike 38.76 – 2nd run 4.3k


1st run: 39:36

T1: 1:06



T2: 1:12

2nd Run: 22:12

Total: 2:32:33