Blenheim Triathlon

Got up: 6:50

Breakfast: 500g apricot muesli, soya milk, water

Location: Blenheim Palace

Water – perfect., Bike – tarmac, very undulating, Run – tarmac mainly, little grass,undulating Weather: windy,overcast,little rain


Swim: started right at the front and in the middle of my wave as to get some clear water,went well for most of the swim,nice steady pace throughout,although a little tired in the arms towards the end.

T1: perfect

Bike: very technical course,thought my gears changing was a lot better than previous years,drunk a bit to much fluid though.

T2: went ok just my bike kept falling of the rails

Run: felt good throughout all of the run apart from a stitch that came at about 3k in,(to much fluid earlier on) overtook  a ton of people though.

Was a great result overall 442 out of over 4000, and to top it off my parents and sister were there cheering me on and all wearing their t-shirts too.

Distances: swim 750m – bike 20k – run 5.4k

Times swim: 15:18 T1: 3:32 Bike: 39:58 T2: 1:37 Run: 24:42 Total: 1:25:05