Windsor Triathlon

Got up: 4:15

Breakfast: 500g apricot muesli, soya milk,2 X bananas,water

Location: Windsor and the Surrounding areas

Water – perfect., Bike – tarmac, little undulating, Run – tarmac,undulating.

Weather: little wind,raining,cold


Swim: Started off in the second row in my wave but within the first 20 metres the velcro on my  wetsuit started to rub against my neck,( I must not have done it up properly),anyway I continued swimming close to the boats as advised,started to overtake swimmers in my wave at about 200 metres in and also started to overtake swimmers that were in the previous 2 waves.nice steady pace throughout.

T1: perfect

Bike: the mount was not the best that I have done,but  I started at a good pace,was starting to rain quite hard by this time and it was cold,so I started to push the pace as to try and warm up,got all the gear selection perfect,which was good as I really didn’t know the course at about 30k in my hands my feet were getting really cold,but finished the section off strongly.

T2: started well,good dismount from the bike,legs felt good,just couldn’t undo my helmet as my hands were SO cold as too were my feet,so getting my shoe on was hard too.

Run: very steady pace throughout,there are some cheeky little uphill sections too.

Distances: swim – 1500m – bike 40k – run 10k

All in all I’m happy with the result considering that I have never done this course before nor have I  swum against the currant.The weather as well was getting worse as the race went on.A big thank you to all the Marshall’s for there support.


Swim: 32:18

T1: 1:21

Bike: 1:17:16

T2: 1:50

Run: 46:33

Total: 2:39:18