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Event details for 2013

As you may or may not know, I’m not a charity at the moment but a awareness website with plans to change to a charity in late 2013 o 2014. Also as you may or may not know I compete in many sporting events around the county each year to raise the profile of Bustinyourballs.org […]


Well as you know for the last month I was running everyday with the minimum distance being 10km. The minimum and maximum distances I ran during that time were: Minimum – 10.04km Maximum – 29.26km The total distance ran was: 372.58 km 231.51 miles CLICK HERE FOR A FULL BREAKDOWN OF ALL THE RUNS The […]

Nutty November

The idea behind this month of madness is the same as May May Idea which is to try and encourage people to take regular exercise in their life’s. As you may or may not know in 2013  I’m competing in the Ironman 70.3 UK (1900m swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1mile run) on one of the hardest […]


I think having someone with you before, during and after Cancer is SO important and makes a HUGE difference in your mood and your positivity. I know it made a big difference with me and the people who supported me before, during and after know who they are. I saw this story posted on Facebook […]

Hell On The Humber Reloaded – Helloween Madness

Date: 27th October 2012 Location: Humber Bridge Board,East Yorkshire, England
Weather: cold, windy
Terrain: Tarmac, concrete
Distance: 32 miles
Time: 6 hours This is the 2nd part of an event organized by Toro. The 1st part was a event called Hell On The Humber which was a 12hr race on the humber bridge in regular running  kit. This part […]

London To Brighton Ultramarathon

Date: 30th September 2012 LOCATION: Blackheath,Bromley, Kent, North & South Downs, Brighton Weather: dry, very windy Terrain: Tarmac, bogs, gravel, grass Elevation: 4670ft Time: 13 – 13 1/3 hrs This event is a totally new experience for me as you have to navigate your way from London Blackheath to Brighton with a OS 1:200 map. […]

Hell On The Humber

Location: Humber Bridge Board,East Yorkshire, England Weather: Humid with little or no wind Terrain: Tarmac, concrete Distance: 54 miles Time: 12 hours This race is called Hell On The Humber for a number of reasons. The aim is to complete as many crossings of the bridge as possible it the allotted time (6 or 12 […]

Grim Reaper Ultra Marathon

Date: 13th- 14th July August 2012 Location: Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire Weather: light- heavy rain, windy Terrain: 50% tarmac, gravel,grass, boggy Distance: 100 miles (90 completed) Photos: CLICK HERE The race is Called the Grimreaper Ultra in which you run a 10 mile loop around the grounds of Grimsthorple Castle, the distances you could choose were […]

Ironman 70.3 UK

The day before the race I had to register, rack my bike and put all of my race things in separate bags (swim,bike and run) then I had a look around the swim exit and transition area to get myself familiar with the layout. I went to the race briefing where there were all 2000 […]

Royal Windsor Swim

Stayed at my parents house the night before the swim so it was good to catch up and have a nice dinner together..my dad loves cooking for my vegan diet….NOT…(joking) Got up very up (4:30am) as I was going to cycle from Twickenham to the swim and back, round trip of 70k (got a bit […]