Speedy Beaver Triathlon

This was my first triathlon this year and my first for Bustinyourballs.org

Got up: 4:15
Breakfast: 500g Oat granola with pineapple and cranberries
Location: Belvoir Castle grounds and surrounding areas
Water – cold at first ,muddy,shallow.
Bike – tarmac,undulating

Run – started with grass then tarmac,first 2.5k up hill 20% grad,second 2.5k back down.
Weather: windy,overcast
Swim: First Triathlon this session so started off steady,then started to overtake a few people just after the 500m point,there was also a 420m uphill run to the transition included in my swim time.
T1: started good,just picked my bike up forgetting my cycle shoes (silly boy) easily corrected.
Bike: first 600m my chain came loose,so had to stop and put it back on,apart from that it was ok,just lacking practice going from swim to bike.
T2: good
Second run: didn’t feel good on most of the run as I had had way to much to eat for breakfast.

Nice to hear that a lot have people have read the Article in Tri Plus Magazine,CLICK Saying that they found it inspiring.

Distances: swim 750m – bike 20k – run 5k


swim: 16:59 (with 400m run to transtion)

T1: 1:43

Bike: 40:08

T2: 1:01

Run: 22:40

Total: 1:22:34

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