London Duathlon

Got up: 5:15am Breakfast: Apricot Muesli with soya milk, bananas, honey and cacao nibs. Water. Location: Richmond Park, London Conditions: 1st run – Grass and tarmac, undulating. Bike – Tarmac, very undulating with one biggish hill. 2nd run – Same as first. Weather:  Extremely windy with a few showers of rain but very warm & sunny in between. Race. First Run: As soon as I got onto the main road on the run the wind hit me head on and I thought      “ I’m in for a tough day here”, but as per usual I started off at a steady pace as not to tire myself, good pace throughout the run though, just one bad point was that I had some friction underneath my arms from the rubbing. T1: Good Bike: On the bike the wind was the main factor and with seven laps of the park it wasn’t going to be easy. I had to stop a few times to get some water at the water station that was for the runners as there were no feed stations on the side of the road that the bikes were on. (that cost me time). T2: The dismount wasn’t great as one of my shoes unclipped off my pedal and a marshal very kindly ran after me shouting. After the friction burns from the first run I put some anti-friction cream on, I also poured some water over my head to cool down. 2nd Run: Legs felt good after the bike. Two miles in there is quite a tough up hill section and I thought it best to walk up it fast rather than to run so that I didn’t fade on the rest of the run.That worked really well as I kept a very good pace throughout the rest of the run.

Distances: 1st Run – 20k , Bike – 80k, 2nd Run – 10k TIMES TO FOLLOW 1st Run: T1: Bike: T2: 2nd Run: Total: PHOTOS TO FOLLOW