Saucony 10k

The SAUCONY 10K was the first event of 2011 for

The day started with really bad weather, wet,windy and cold.

As I got to the registration area one of the organizers has look at my hoodie and said “great charity”……Good eh ?

So I ask him if he could possibly read out the web details, before,during and after the race, he was more than happy to do so (THANK YOU)

Location: Sandown race course, Surrey Conditions: Gravel roads, hilly, multi terrian Weather: drizzle, windy,very open Race

Started steady so not to fast, good steady first lap, getting faster on second lap

Got a PB to 44.04 nearly four minutes quicker then last year.

Good day in all,and to top it off, the next day I checked google analytics and the site got a lot more hits !!!!!!!!!

Happy Days

Distance 10 k

Time: 44:11