Dartmoor classic

Got up: 4am

Breakfast: 4:30 soya milk with nut muesli,water,

Location: Dartmoor,Devon.

Conditions: tarmac roads,very undulating, 3407 meters of climbs.

Weather: started very misty then turned into the most beautiful sunny day with a touch of wind.

Race: The race went very well over all, as I sort of remembered the course from last year I could work out my nutrition and gear selection much easier,the day turned out to be very hot indeed so I was very pleased to see an extra water station at around 50 miles into the course,that water was a great break from all the energy drinks that I was having, plus some of it was poured over my head and neck to cool my body down. All the support was great along the whole route.

Nutrition: I had a ZipVit caffeine gel with water 90 mins before the raced started, after the first hour I had a regular energy gel,next hour a caffeine gel and so on for the whole race,plus in all I had 9 X bottles of energy drink and 3 X bottles of water, oh yes and 1 banana.

The race for me I thought went very well indeed, I bettered my time from last year by 43 mins 22 secs, I think what really made the difference was having my Mum,Dad and Auntie there supporting me.

Distance: 106 miles

Time: 0:6:50:54 which means a silver medal

Placing: 125th out of  900